Stressed Incontinence in Male Urocyst

Incontinence denotes uncontrolled leak of urine, it cannot be cured by means of discount Cialis. Stressed incontinence takes place due to action which boosts urinary bladder’s pressure: after attempt to lift weights, physical activities, laughter or cough. Stressed urinary incontinence is usually explained by sphincter damage or impaired functioning of urinary bladder.

Sphincter is considered to be a circular musculus controlling urina stream from urocyst. Once a muscle is damaged, it is not able to get contracted and overlaps urethra that is a channel via which urine flows. This leads to urinary leak. Discount Cialis online is always a bonus, but incontinence may seriously spoil mood.

Causes of stress urinary incontinence which are generally connected with:

- Consequence of prostate carcinoma (beam-therapy, radical prostatectomy);

- Some diseases which cannot be helped with discount Cialis 20mg, such as diabetes, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, apoplectic attack;

- Injury or pelvic organs surgery in the past medical history.

What can relieve stressful incontinence of urine?

  1. Absorbing pads;
  2. Internal arrangements for urine collection;
  3. Peripheral equipment for urine collection;
  4. Biofeedback/electric stimulation;
  5. Bulking agent (such as collagen injections);
  6. Surgery, which apart from Cialis discount offers such variants as slings or imitation sphincter.

Slings: what are they? What is the way they are applied? They are a mesh belt which is installed in order to fix urinary channel. As a result, capacity to detain urine in urinary tract restores, whereas Cialis discount card gives perfect opportunities. As for imitation sphincter, it is designed for therapy of incontinence of urine after prostatic surgery. It restores natural process of detaining urine by imitation of work of sound sphincter.