Pain in Testicles: Causes

Before you plan to buy cheap generic Viagra, first you should discover the mechanism of male genitals functioning. Testicles are male sexual glands fulfilling the key reproductive function. Testicles produce semen and testosterones. They are located to the left/right of scrotum and their anatomic physique implies the existence of testicular cords above testicles, and epididymis being a continuation of seminal ducts as well.

Anyway, there may take place the moments when testicles start aching. We may enumerate a lot of various causes of that condition. The pain may mainly be tensive, dull or even throbbing. In this situation, a patient must not let it run its course and not self-medicate with Viagra online cheap. It is highly required to consult a doctor in order to diagnose the cause of pains.

Testicular pain may occur regardless of age. High-risk group may include both teenagers and elderly men. Testicles are extremely sensitive, for the very reason the pains of this kind are absolutely unpleasant and sometimes agonizing. In some cases, this pain may provoke a number of other symptoms which cannot be relieved by Viagra cheap online. These symptoms include vomit, nausea, sweating. Even insignificant pain in this area may become a symptom of serious disorder, such as inflammation, sexual infection and other diseases.

Very strong, sudden and lancinating pain is a reason for immediate hospitalization and conducting of emergency medical care, since it may demonstrate such pathologies as inverted testis, tumor, scrotal hydrocele, ramex and inguinal hernia.

How to avoid testicular pains? First, you should keep a healthy lifestyle, not to neglect hygiene, conduct prophylactics of possible diseases causing such pain and buy Viagra cheap. If you value your male health and sexual activity, try to give up obsessive habits, start eating healthy food and taking generic Viagra cheap, and have a constant sexual partner to avoid sexually-transmitted infections.