Male Contraception: Times Change

We all got used to the fact that oral contraceptives are only female prerogative. But time zips along! Before you study Viagra dosage instructions, find out interesting facts about men’s contraceptives. According to statistics every second woman of child-bearing age took oral hormonal contraceptives at least once in her life, whereas every fourth one does it incessantly within several years. The most efficient way to plan child birth is not invented for the moment. Therefore, women are reconciled with side-effects and a slight probability to get pregnant regardless of what Viagra dosage options choose their partners.

There is also a method of male contraception with 100% efficiency: binding or clipping of seminal ducts. But this is a point of no return. The most dangerous thing is connected with hormonal contraception and its possible influence on blood clotting ability. Theoretically, the risk is not high, since only 2 out of 10 women come across this problem apart from Viagra dosage. Thousands of women suffer from less dangerous and less pleasant moments due to adverse effects of hormonal contraceptives while their partners calculate Viagra dosages. All risks and misfortunes of hormonal contraception moved the scientists forward in development of male pills (and this is not about Viagra dosage 100mg).

There were conducted several research studies at once during which the reaction on injection and implant gradually adding androgen and progestagen in blood was studied. These male sexual hormones block production of semen. As a result, semen will be present in ejaculate in insignificant amount regardless of dosage Viagra or will be absent completely. The trials included more than 1500 men. After a year of usage, a strong effect was achieved. No cases of pregnancy of constant partners were registered. Capacity to conceiving returns in 3-4 months after injections termination or implant removal. No adverse impacts on male potency were observed.