How to Relieve Sexual Tension?

Medical experts point out that long continence is harmful for organism.

  • For men, it is fraught with semen toxicosis and occurrence of a number of inflammatory processes.
  • Women may experience inflammatory processes in pelvic organs connected with blood stagnation.

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Psychologists have undivided opinion with medical experts about the damage of long-term continence which may be relieved with the help of a suitable partner and Cialis free samples. According to their research data, long-lasting sex refusal leads to noticeable deviation in behavior. This tension must be relieved. We shall not discuss trivial masturbation or sexual intercourse here. First of all, let us discuss non-physiological ways of sexual tension relief including free sample Cialis. What consequences may it result in? Being different in temperament and world outlook people have various positions of sex in their priority list. And as a matter of fact, most people do not consider sexual relations and Cialis samples online to be the top priority. Moreover, continence is not so discomfortable as it may seem. According to psychologists, considerable part of people suffering from sex and Cialis samples free shortage are inclined to draw it in their imagination. Psychological tortures are caused not by absence of warmth and tender, but by understanding of non-conformity to generally accepted full-value standards.

Therefore, in order to remove psychological aspect of sexual tension, you should forget about the so-called norms. They do not exist in sexual life and on cialis.comĀ free sample. You need as much sex as much you want to have it. And what is most important you need to compensate the lack of tactile contacts. Hug your near and dear ones more frequently. You may even take a cat. This will allow you not to lose psychological tonus and reduce sensitivity of nerve endings.