Fake Viagra: everything you need to know about it

Viagra is a drug that is most often falsified all over the world.Buying brand Viagra online with a high probability you can get falsified.Therefore, experts recommend buying medicine in pharmacies on prescription and keep a check.

What is the danger of a fake?

In addition, that fake Viagra may not work, with regular admission, it causes:

  • severe poisoning with long-term consequences;
  • death;
  • difficulty in the work of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys;
  • allergic reactions.

Every second Viagra drug purchased online in the USA is fake.

How to distinguish falsified from real tablets

The first thing that should alert the buyer is a suspiciously low cost, a big discount Viagra online, tablets that go as a gift to order.

Online Viagra scams are difficult to determine at the time of purchase, when there is no way to see the packaging and the tablets themselves in reality.On the box in the bottom corner there should be a hologram, the name of the tablets is Viagra (often there are similar names, one letter is changed in a fakes), and in the other corner - the name of the manufacturer - Pfizer.The tablets themselves are saturated blue, in the shape of a diamond with round ends.

Therefore, true Viagra can be bought at a pharmacy that will show a certificate of quality and sell the product only on prescription.