Chronic Prostatitis Therapy without Massage: Is It Possible?

Before you try free Cialis offer, get familiar of the facts about prostate milking. Unfortunately, traditional medicine is merciless, and rectal massage of prostatic gland is nearly a sole procedure allowing a patient to get rid of congested secretion in the gland. But it is important to understand whether all necessary tests were conducted and there were no contraindications to prostate milking. According to free offer, the main analysis lies in ultrasound research of prostatic gland in order to detect presence of calculus or cyst in affected organ. In case of their presence, direct prostate milking will be rather harmful than useful.

In case pain during massage proves to be unbearable regardless of Cialis offer, the solution is as follows:

1) Unfortunately, doctors also are affected by the so-called "human factor". Therefore, consult another doctor. Inform him of the problem and probably he will be able to offer more tolerable conditions.

2) Since purpose of prostate milking is causing deflux of gland's secretion, the only natural way to have the same effect is sexual intercourse which may be more vivid with Cialis free offer. Thus, regular but not exhausting sexual life is able to become alternative to artificial stimulation of gland while massaging. Moreover, in order to eliminate prostatic congestion, it is important to have sex with fully-realized ejaculation (emission of seminal fluid). Besides, presence or absence of sexual partner is not essential. Periodicity of ejaculations must be the same as you were prescribed for massage; as usual it is 10 procedures once a day with daily interleaving.

3) Additionally to second point, a patient may make prostate milking on his own. It is important to pay much attention to exercises of pubococcygeal muscle along with Cialis trial offer.