7 Myths about Sexual Incompatibility between Men and Women

Before you buy Viagra without prescription, get rid of all delusions concerning people’s sexual life.

  1. In average 1 woman out of 3 doesn’t experience orgasm, whereas only 30% of them reach orgasm during one sexual intercourse. This may be connected with lack of experience of both partners, fear of possible pregnancy, Viagra no prescription use, and other factors.
  2. Complaints on itch, pain or discomfort in the area of sexual organs very often appear due to skin irritation of vestibule of vagina by discharge, mechanical irritation (penis, instruments, fingers, vibrator) or chemical irritants (soap, laundry detergent or medications including non prescription Viagra, etc.)
  3. There are no clitoral, vaginal or other types of orgasm. Orgasm is always orgasm regardless of excitement method or sexual relations causing it.
  4. Irrespective of whether a man took Viagra without prescription, more than 60% of women experienced or experience pain during sexual intercourse. But it is often caused by sexual inexperience of partners, weak sexual arousal of a woman and her inability to relax during coitus.
  5. Determination of human leukocyte antigens of a couple is irrelevant to planning for pregnancy, successful conceiving, carrying of a pregnancy and doesn’t reflect compatibility rate of partners regardless of the fact that a man takes no prescription Viagra regularly.
  6. Determination of specific genes and chromosomes playing important role in occurrence of a number of dangerous diseases is recommended for the main indication in couples (rare ethnic group, presence of ill children and parents, etc.
  7. Search for semen antibodies in woman’s blood is a complete nonsense from medical point of view. Or there may be allergy to semen even with Viagra prescription. Anyway, this condition is very rare (there are only 74 allergy cases for the whole medical history).