The effect of Levitra on the body

Levitra treats erectile dysfunction and helps to restore it. The active ingredient in the tablets is called vardenafil. Very often, due to contraindications to other drugs, doctors advise buying Levitra. Since it is scientifically proven that Levitra is most suitable for use in parallel with other medicines. Levitra 's side effects will not have on the body of a man if he strictly follows the doctor's instructions. The same rule applies to other drugs.

The effect of generic Levitra will come in 30 minutes. It is worth considering that if you also eat fatty foods during this time, the drug will have an effect within one hour. This is because of the fact that fats in our stomach are the slowest to digest. The erection will be present for about 4 hours. But it all depends on your dosage. Erection with minimal doses of the drug is about 2 hours.

After the appointment of treatment and after the doctor gives you a prescription, you can buy Levitra online on any site where delivery is available. Enjoy the convenience of the 21st century, ask your doctor how to buy cheap Levitra. Many urological offices have discount coupons. The pharmacy will give you a good discount on them. Always keep in touch with the doctor and ask all your questions. Remember the dangers of self-medication and do not harm yourself.