How to remove pills for potency from the body

A man needs a doctor's prescription to buy Viagra cheap. Before that, he undergoes a series of tests:

• Consulting a urologist;
• Detailed blood count;
• Measurement of blood pressure;
•Analysis of urine.

But sometimes a man buys Viagra online cheap without a doctor's prescription. And it happens that after taking the pills, he wants to cancel their possible effect. The first thing to remember: pills will not provoke an erection for no reason. That is, to activate their action, stimulating factors are needed.

But sometimes, having bought generic Viagra cheap on his own, a man faced strong side symptoms: headache, runny nose, fainting or even fainting. Then the question arises of how to remove the drug from the body quickly:

1. You need to drink a lot of water or other liquid: tea, lemonade and others.
2. If the situation is critical, you need to call an ambulance.

In other cases, when there is no urgent need to remove the drug from the body, you just need to wait about 15-24 hours. The body will remove the medicine on its own.

That is why, before buying cheap generic Viagra, you need to consult with your doctor: will the pills cause strong negative symptoms in this case. Having bought Viagra cheap online, a man should get minimal consultation on the seller's website.