How to make sure of the quality of the drug for potency

To buy a quality drug for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, you need to understand that you can check its quality in 2 stages.

1st stage of quality control of pills for potency

The first stage of quality control of generic Viagra is before purchasing the drug from the pharmacy. Even here you need to be aware of the safe purchase measures. We strongly do not recommend buying drugs for potency on the Internet or by hand. At the pharmacy, before buying, you need to verify the following data:

1. View the quality certificate, check the data on the product packaging: license number, country of origin, name of the pharmaceutical company. 2. Look at the packaging: it must be undamaged.

3. View the date of manufacture of the tablets. It is better not to buy a product that will soon pass the expiration date.

Stage 2 verification

Checking the previous qualities of the medicine and simply buying generic Viagra is not enough to be sure of the quality of the tablets. A man should evaluate it after taking it. What should happen if you take a normal medication:

• About 30 minutes after ingestion, the man can have sex. Just like that, without arousal and desire, a man should not have an erection for no reason. • Sexual intercourse should be complete and moderately long. Ejaculation is full and enjoyable and relieved.

• After 20-30 minutes, the man should be ready for another sexual intercourse.

Therefore, even if a man buys Viagra generic from a pharmacy, he needs to know about the 2 steps of testing a medicine for quality.