Features of the treatment of stable erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in 50% of cases is manifested not due to physiological abnormalities, but due to psychological reasons. But if your problem is provoked precisely by physiology, then the doctor will boldly answer the question "can ed be cured" "yes". In the twenty-first century, this particular disease is not something terrible. Modern medicine has many ed treatment drugs that can solve your problem.

At the moment, erectile dysfunction can come to a man at any age. And a young man of eighteen may have problems with ed dysfunction. And every mature male should know about the signs of ed. All signs of problems with sexual activity are divided into two types: those below the waist and those above the waist.

Signs and causes of impotence

Of course, there is an age-related decline in sexual function. But to be honest with ourselves, age plays 5% of the total problem here. And regardless of the sexual constitution, we know perfectly well that a man can carry out full-fledged sexual intercourse to a ripe old age. This reason is stored in the person's head, and psychologically, during intercourse, the young man cannot tune in to the planned finale.

Diseases. With certain diseases, the erection time can be reduced by two to three times, if not disappear at all. In this case, ed therapy, prescribed by a specialist, will be able to bring sexual activity back into your life. It is important to understand that it is the doctor who can help you solve your problem. After all, taking medications on your own without prescribing a doctor can lead to even greater problems. After all, if you have problems with ed and diabetes at the same time, then in this case you should contact both a urologist and an endocrinologist.

ed vacuum pump - also called lot therapy. For a normal erection, a large blood flow to the penis is required. When a vascular blockage occurs, erection problems arise. During this procedure with ed vacuum pumps, blood flow and potency increase. This procedure is prescribed by a urologist, two or three times a week, the treatment time is about a month.