Diet for impotence

Negative effects on potency can occur due to overeating and unbalanced nutrition. It is necessary to reduce the use of carbonated, alcoholic and energy drinks. Eat more beef, cod, olives, celery and seafood.

In addition, visit a doctor and after he prescribes the necessary medicines, drink them. It is important to remember that 50 mg viagra is the recommended dose for an adult 1 hour before sexual activity. Tablets can be taken orally with or without water, regardless of the meal. Given the effectiveness, you can take the drug viagra 100 mg at one time or at intervals throughout the day. The use of the drug with a dose of 200 mg did not lead to significant differences and better results. Therefore, during the day you can not take more than two tablets, that is, the dosage of viagra 150 mg is prohibited. At this dose, the frequency of adverse reactions increases significantly. The minimum tablet you can take is from 25 viagra mg at a time.

Each tablet contains viagra 50 mg. The package contains 4 pieces of tablets with this dosage. If when taking 100 mg viagra or less, the erection persists for 4 hours, you should immediately seek help. Do not forget that changing the diet will only benefit your body. Diet is very important, as fatty foods slow down the absorption of sildenafil ー a substance that increases male erection.