Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Herbs

The disorder of sexual desire in men is the result of pathological processes, diseases of the pelvic organs. The prostate is most commonly affected. Against the background of inflammation, a man develops erectile dysfunction. In the treatment program include antibacterial drugs, injections for ED, painkillers. But doctors also prescribe herbal remedies as an effective cure for ED.

Natural ED treatments can be in two forms:
• ready food active additives;
• individual herbs (from a pharmacy), from which a man makes tea and infusion.

Ready ED supplements

Ready ED supplements are very popular. They are ready for use, the instructions set out the dosage and method of administration. A man needs only to take the remedy in time.

The best ED supplements are:
• Yohimbe;
• Rhodiola rosea;
• Panax ginseng (red ginseng).

Herbs for ED

In some cases, the doctor advises the male herbal ED treatment, which consists of a single medicinal herb. The ED remedies are well suited for this purpose:
• Hawthorn;
• calamus swamp;
• Ginseng;
• Hypericum.

Of these herbal remedies for ed, men should drink tea regularly.

Medicinal herbs do not give a quick result, but are an excellent prevention of prostatitis and other diseases that suppress sexual desire. Such treating ED is also indicated for men who should not take certain pills. Sometimes, if phytotherapy does not help, doctors advise patients to use muse ED treatment.