The danger of buying drugs on the Internet

Treatment of problems with potency requires quality drugs and patient responsibility. But even a high cialis price is not a guarantee of quality treatment. If a man buys medicine on the Internet at his own risk, he must be sure:

• availability of indications for admission;
• exact dosage;
• in the selected active substance;
• in the absence of contraindications (heart and kidney diseases);
• that does not take other drugs from the nitrate group.
cialis price comparison shows that the lowest price is for dietary supplements. Not all of them are as effective as a tadalafil-based product, but they are safer for self-administration.

cialis 20mg price starts at $ 3.54 Per Pill. Promotional price may be slightly lower. On the Internet you can often find sites that sell pills for potency illegally. The price for 1 tablet there can start from $ 0.75. A man must understand that such cialis prices cannot guarantee the quality of the product and the safety of treatment.

Therefore, in order for the purchase of tablets on the Internet to be safe, and the products to be of quality, you need to go only to official trusted sites and require a certificate of product quality. Before buying, you should consult your doctor. Some sites have their own physician who will answer all the questions a man online.