Is it possible to cure prostatitis with natural remedies at home?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland in men. It may have a different origin, but in most cases leads to a loss of the erectile function of the penis. It depends on the type of pathology whether a man can cure the disease and the accompanying symptoms with the help of natural remedies for ed.

Treatment for ED and prostatitis includes a long-term medication in a different form: drugs and suppositories. If prostatitis is caused by bacteria, the doctor will definitely prescribe a course of antibiotic therapy. Types of disease:

• Acute prostatitis.
• Chronic bacterial prostatitis.
• Asymptomatic chronic prostatitis.
• Chronic granulomatous prostatitis.
• Chronic / Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

All these types lead to sexual disorders. Natural treatment of ED will be effective only in the last 3 cases. Acute and chronic prostatitis needs a long medication.

In the treatment of prostatitis at home use supplements for ED, herbs, manual therapy. Helps the treatment of regular sexual relations, a healthy lifestyle, and physical activity.

In the treatment of prostatitis with diabetes and ED, a man must completely trust the doctor and not take any measures at home. Self-medication in this case can harm.

The specialist selects a man’s medicine for ED only after he has taken the spermogram, blood and urine.