How to get Viagra for free?

Residents of Mexico can get a free sample of Viagra. The government programme aimed at improving the quality of life of pensioners. According to statistics, more than half of men over 70 years have severe problems with potency. Providing them with quality sexual life, the authorities can help to improve the General happiness of the population.

Another aspect of the problem of weakness of erection – bad demographic situation among people of reproductive age. With the help of free sample of Viagra, some regions of Russia are planning to increase the birth rate. When you purchase drug to improve the potency of many online manufacturers make a substantial discount or give free Viagra sample (1 pill). Do not buy too cheap medication online – half of the pharmaceutical market is counterfeit. To learn how to distinguish fake from the original, you need to look distinctive marks sample Viagra that are on the official website of Pfizer.

Therefore, if a person is not fortunate enough to get free samples of Viagra from the government, he can buy the drug in a large package with a prescription from an authorized dealer and they will give him 1 tablet as a gift.