Ionic Detoxification

"Homeopathy….cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt a safer, more economical and complete medical science" -Mahatma Gandhi

How Do You Detoxify to Cleanse the Whole Body?

It's About Choices. We are assaulted daily by a constant bombardment of pollutants from the environment. The toxins just keep building up in the tissue of the body forming a barrier to wellness. So, how do you detoxify to cleanse the body?

Ion Foot Bath Cleanse, Perfect for Busy Lifestyles.

The Ion Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse has increasingly become a popular whole body detoxification choice. Patients value how it fits in with their busy lifestyle. It might be the right choice for you. Typical Ion Foot Bath treatment times vary from 20 to 30 minutes. Our Clinic's Ion Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse treatment prices are shown below.

How does the Ion Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse Detoxification Work?

Based on Bioenergetics, it creates an energy field similar to that found in the human body. This stimulates cellular energy and enhances the body's ability to cleanse itself internally and naturally at an increased rate, restoring and normalizing the correct pH balance and energy levels.

Time for Your Detox Appointment?

To experience the Ion Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse Therapy, or to explore other detoxification methods, contact Elyon Homeopathic Medical Clinic in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada for an appointment today.

from $60 per session

Recommended Treatment Cycles for the Ionic Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse Whole Body Detox

If you are between the ages of 10 and 65 the recommended Ionic detoxification cleanse treatment cycle is 3 times a week for 4 weeks, to insure a proper detox. For ages over 65 the recommended Ionic detoxification cleanse cycle is 2 times a week for 6 weeks. Parents of patients under age 10 should consult the Homeopathic Doctor.

If you have not had an Ion Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse treatment in the last 6 weeks, your first two treatments are 20 minute energy balancing detox sessions. This is to properly prepare your body for the full 25 minute Ionic detoxification treatments.

In certain cases, due to specific health conditions, the Homeopathic Doctor may recommend a 10 minute lymphatic drainage treatment.

Further Ionic detoxifying treatments, to maintain optimal health and wellness, should be discussed with the Homeopathic Doctor.

If you are not a Current Patient (had an appointment with the Doctor within the last 12 months), Dr. Josh must do a short intake appointment prior to your first Ionic Foot Bath treatment. This is to insure that you do not have a medical condition that would be adversely affected by this treatment. The Fee for this service is $20 (plus GST) and is applicable to anyone that is not a Current Patient of the Clinic