About Us

"All things required for good health are provided by nature, they just need to be identified and understood" - Paracelsus, Father of Western Pharmacology and Toxicology


Elyon Homepathic Medical Clinic offers advanced classical homeopathy with years of experience.

About The Clinical Director

Dr.Joshua Olawuyi is a Homeopathic Practitioner, an Epidemiologist/Biostatistician and a Medical Researcher with 15 +years experience who brings proven skills which include:

  • Patients care in integrated medicine,
  • Researching, evaluating and analysing the effectiveness of homeopathic practice, its remedies, products and procedures so as to render better services to patients,
  • Designing and coordinating effective solutions based on solid analysis.

Joshua was a University Professor in the Faculty of Medicine in Canada, UK and Nigeria but later trained as a professional homeopathic practitioner in Canada. He is highly experienced in case-taking and case analysis, chronic case-taking, acute prescription, materia medica (repertorium homeopathicum syntheticum), principles of healing, study of remedies, provings, homeopathic theory, nutrition, clinical training, theory and philosophy, first aid, physiology and anatomy, pathophysiology.

As a Researcher he has Developed and Managed the protocol writing and the study design for clinical trials including sample size and power calculations, he has also created statistical plans conducted analysis, interpretation and prepared statistical reports for all the stages of clinical trials.

Joshua works with two other Professionals in the Clinic and he is an excellent trainer of Health Professionals.

Dr. Joshua Femi Olawuyi is a member of National Professional Association for Homeopaths in Canada which is the largest and oldest Professional Homeopaths in the country. He is also currently an Associate member of Canadian Society of Homeopaths.